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Spain loses 6 points granted by Belarus

A mistake in belorrusians votes changes the number of points

The Eurovision Song Contest 2019, was the 64th edition of the contest, it took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. Following Israel’s victory at the 2018 contest in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song “Toy” performed by Netta. The event was organized by the European Broadcasting Union. Forty-one countries took part in the contest and 26 countries went to the final.

The winner of the contest was Duncan Laurence, who performed a song called: Arcade.

The song was about his own life. About someone he loved and died when he was young, about looking for love and keeping the expectation that something impossible can happen. 

Spain was represented by Miki Núñez, a singer who participate in “Operación Triunfo 2018” (a very famous TV programme). He sang “La venda” and the acting was original and fun. All the public enjoyed the performance and Miki sung with a lot of enthusiasm. It was clear that he enjoyed while he was singing.

However Spain did not achieve a good position, so he had to settle for the 22nd position with 60 points, a big part from the public; and 6 points from Belorussia. But these results have changed this last weekInthe end, Spain lost the 6 point that Belorussia gave them because they had some problems with the votes and there was a mistake; so Spain stayed with one professional vote. (Russians vote)

Compared to the last year’s position, Spain got worse but this year’s performance was more liked by the public. Maybe Spain must think about new ways to succed in next year contest.  

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