Banksy, is it only art?


Banksy is an anonymous revolutionary street artist who paint in street places around the world. His artwork is about economic, political and social criticism, very different of what we have seen. We can easily identify a Banksy’s paint, because it has been done with graffities and he has a personal style.

Banksy is not only a street artist, because his art has a second meaning, he paints with an intention and symbolizing something that criticize our society.

One of his most important artworks is “There is always hope”:

The baloon symbolize the innocence, the childhood and her dreams, but she cannot reach it. Banky wants that the viewer assum that it represents themselves, and how their chilhood had scaped. But there is a sentence written on the world, that names the artwork, and gives a hope to the viewer.

This happened again this week, Banksy revolutionated San Marcos street during the 58th Biennal international art exhibition in Venice. He posted a video showing a man with paintings of a cruise in the italian city to dennunce the turistic overexploitation, before a local police appeared to move him on. He painted those artworks, but he does it all in the silence.

He was in a street stall but nobody noticed that was him, because anyone knows who he is, he has never showed his face or his appearance. Banksy has done this with the purpose of transmit with only several paintings a message, the overexploited tourism. That is why he revolutionized Venice.

Nobody noticed until the artist posted it himself on his Instagram account, and the repercussion of this is that the protest achieved a worldwide effect, demonstrated by the fact that in one day the video had more than two million four hundred views.

That is why Banksy is so unique that without anyone knowing him or without words or letters he can transmit his message doing graffities or paintings. Banksy does not only make art, also makes people reflect with only a visual impact.

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