20 years of Zonda

When you think of great music groups you think of Queen, when you think about incredible beaches you think of Maldives and when you think of great extraordinary cars you think about a Pagani Zonda. It has what every petrolhead loves: a good big AMG 12-cylinder engine that is naturally aspirated and makes great sound. It is incredibly good looking, it is really exclusive and it is really fast.

It all started out when Horacio Pagani dreamt of making his own supercar. He got a job at Lamborghini first and he was really good at it. He was working closely with Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentinian F1 legend, until he died in 1995. Then in 1999 he finally accomplished his dream: in the Geneva International Motorshow he presented his own supercar. Handmade and using the best materials, he was able to rival the great brands like Ferrari or Porsche. After that there was only success after success after success. Various other versions of the Zonda were made until 2017, when the Zonda HP Barchetta was presented as the grand finale for this incredible line of cars. It is the ultimate rich people’s toy. An improved V12 engine, almost all carbon fiber, fast and light, and it all sums up to a mind-blowing 15 million dollars. No better ending than this one.

Of course there are birthday parties for this series of cars, most notably in Hong Kong, also known as Zondaland for their elevated amount of Zondas.

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