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30 years working in equality

An unforgettable experience in a military quarters because of a literary contest.

I, Blanca Unanue have had the privilege of participating in the sixth contest of “Letter to a military”, in which I have achieved the second position of Barcelona.

The last 25th of April, I went to the awards delivery in the military barracks of “El Bruc”, because of the sixth literary contest titled “30 years working in equality”. This is a national contest, around all Spain, organized by the army and Ministry of Defense, in which there were national and provincial winners.

It consisted in writing a letter explaining the importance of working in equality not only in the army but also in all life aspects. With my text I got the second place here, in Barcelona, and for the awards delivery a teacher and I went to “El Bruc”.

The ceremony was very interesting and there were military officers from other parts of Spain, because there was also another ceremony in which they give some officers an ascent. We also made a tribute to the fallen soldiers that died fulfilling their duty, and we were the ones that took the flower crown for their commemoration, it was a great honor and very emotive.

It was the first time that I participated in this contest and I found it very curious and instructive: It is a great opportunity to get involved with the army in a very special way.

I totally recommend it and I encourage you to participate in this contest next year: you won´t regret it!

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