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A week in Paris

Last week, the students from 4º of ESO had the chance to visit Paris as an exchange activity. They left on April 5 and stayed at the French capital until April 12. This activity’s aim was to introduce students to the French culture as well as a linguistic inversion. Their French teacher accompanied them. 

Once they got to Paris, they first went to the school (École Fénelon Sainte-Marie) to salute and were received with two videos, created by their correspondents. The first one was a short introduction to themselves, their hobbies and lives as a way to welcome the students to Paris. The second one explained shortly the school history, due it was becoming a hundred and fifty years.

After, they visited a park near the school, were they could rest.

As on Monday the French students had no school, our travelers could enjoy a long weekend at the city with their families. They had the change to do sightseeing around Paris and get to know the place from a different perspective. 

On Tuesday, they visited the palace of Versailles, late king’s Louis XIV jewel and a master piece, not just from and artistic point of view, but also from an architectural and historical outlook.

They enjoyed a guided tour around the palace and went thru spaces not opened to everybody.  

On Wednesday, they went to Montmartre, the artistic quartier at the top of a hill, leaded by the church of the Sacre-coeur,  were is a magnificent view from all Paris. Although the weather was not good, the students could do some shopping around the neighborhood without letting the rain stop them. 

Thursday awoke as a sad day for everybody, because it was the last day in Paris. At morning, they had a cruise over the river, from were they could chill and watch from the outside all of the monuments they had already visited. After a quick lunch under the Eiffel Tower, they went up the iconic monument and saw Paris from the highs. 

4º ESO students at the cruise over the river in front of the Eiffel Tower

After an exhausting day, the students asked their teacher to visit  Notre Dame before going back to the school, so they did a fast tour at the cathedral. 

At night, all students (including the French correspondents) had dinner at Montmartre.

On Friday morning, they still had the chance to visit the Louvre before leaving, so they left their luggage at the school and went to the art museum for a short visit. Masterpieces as the Venus de Milo, La Victorie de Samothrace, the celebre Gioconda or Mona Lisa from Leonardo DaVinci or La Liberté guiadant le peuple from Eugène Delacroix were admired. 

Sadly, they had to go back home. Their plane arrived to Barcelona at afternoon, were the students could meet their families and get their holidays started.

The travelers have now a lot of classes to catch up with, but let them enjoy Spring Break first. Happy Easter to our readers!

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