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Physics and roller casters

The amusement park

Last 13th of March, the science students from 4rth of ESO went to the amusement park Tibidabo where they could take to practice their knowledge on physical science. After finishing exams, this is the best reward they could ask for.

They left at morning, without knowing if the weather would be a good company for they excursion. When they arrived to the park, the teachers handed them some papers where they had different questions about the rides. As soon as they completed the questions, they could try the rides again.

During all morning, they could relish the park just with the company of only four other schools. The fact of no having to go thru queues is a bonus to their trip. Just at the afternoon, they had to cope with tourists or other visitors.

Although the weather was not amazing, at least they could enjoy the day without rain. . Despite the clouds, it has been a shiny day for them.

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