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What is a trending topic?

We, the society, are always talking about what a Trending topic is, but do we know exactly what these words mean? You should know this word because it is used a lot of times in this section of our newspaper.

A trending topic is one of the most repeated words or phrases at a particular time in a social network. The first to use this concept was Twitter, showing on the home screen the top ten topics of the moment. A trending topic can be related with politics, sports events, music or cinema.

For example  the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, the leaks of Wikileaks along 2010, the Arab revolts of 2011 or the protests of the 15M in Spain during 2011 are great milestones in the history of the social network.

Now that you know all these things you have to pay atttention to the social networks, because trending topics can help you to know what is happening all around the world.

#ApuntaMiNombreVox has been the trending topic of the day, what’s going to be tomorrow’s?

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