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Last day of school

The 4th of ESO required volunteer, in a hospital, distributing joy on Christmas

The last day of school, just before Christmas, the 4th of ESO students went to the hospital Sant Joan de Déu to do a volunteer job. Two of our classmates had already talked about it, but we are just focusing on the last day, which was different to the rest.

We were asked to classify in different themes all of the toys and gifts that were donated to the hospital. Some of us had to take the gifs from where they were hidden to the room were the others classified them. Some of the themes were perfumes, puzzles, teddy bears… We did not rest until all of the gifts were in the right place and no gift was left.

As you can imagine, it was a hard job but it was worth it. When we finished it was very satisfying to know that we helped to generate a smile on every kid´s face hospital. We were like some kind of wise men, like the three kings, distributing joy on the 8th of January, the day when the three kings come.

It was a really good feeling when that day arrived and all of us thought about that smile that we caused those children to have. 

Blanca Unanue

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