Achieving the “ten”

During this last two weeks, some selected students from second of Bachillerato have been able to present their “Treball de Recerca”.

Their names are the following: -Peter González-Ante: la evolución de los videojuegos -Estibalith Zamora: Cambio climático -Francisco Navarro: modelos biológicos -Lucía Carbó: de imagen a palabra -Beatriz Orús: propaganda en los totalitarismos -Silvia Fornieles: utilidad de los zoológicos -Magui Cusí: automedicación -Anna Iturralde: ineficácia de lso antibióticos -Paula Lleonart: justicia o igualdad -Marta Cervera: reacción de una cámara -Pau Carreras: el arte de la guerra -Carla Zaragoza: economía circular -Inés Alba: alimentos transgénicos -Laura Canadell: terápia dirigida de cáncer de mama -Álvaro Bejaramo: envioterápia y TEA -Teresa Poblet: música y matemática -Esteban Giménez: bitcoin -Alejandro Santamaría: burbujas especulativas -Sofía Morales: Roberspiere en los totalitarismos -Loreto de Ros: alimentación en cáncer de colon

The 20 students who achieved a nine on their written works (the highest grade thay can get) explained their TRs in front of an audience and a jury to turn their mark into a ten.

Alejandro Santamaría, one of this pupils, explains us his experience: 1) What was your TR about? About patterns in speculative bubbles 2) Could you make a summary about what your conclusions were? We concluded that there are patterns in speculative bubbles. These patterns show in two main groups: Religion and Economy and politics. Thanks to the investigation of many speculative bubbles we were able to demonstrate that protestant countries are more prone to suffer from these bubbles. 3) Have you achieved the grade you were looking for? Yes 4) Was your experience satisfactory? If you could summarize it, how it developed? It was very satisfactory. Economics have always been one of my biggest passions so studying about economy was quite easy for me. Thanks

We hope they achieve their goals at the future.

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Begoña Grau and Ana Santamaria

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