Bugatti Divo: The new monster from Molsheim

When anyone thinks of Bugatti they think about the top speed of their cars and the Guinness World Record they got with the Bugatti Veyron. Bugattis are extremely luxurious and fast, on straight lines, because on curves they have a big lack of speed because they are really heavy.

Bugatti want to change this idea, and they have created the Divo, a 110 year annyversary limited to 40 units. This car, unlike its sisters, the Chiron and the Veyron, is not made for straight lines and top speeds; it is designed to emphasize the joy of driving and, most importantly: corners.

Its motto is “Happiness is not just around the corner, it is the corner”. It was presented in the Monterey Car Week, in California, and it took the world by surprise. It is going to be produced in 2019. All 40 cars were sold the first day.

With a starting price of an incredible 5.8 million US dollars it is equipped with an 8-litre turbocharged W16 engine that produces 1500 hp. That is more than twice the power compared to a Ferrari 488.

It has four wheel drive and weighs almost two tonnes and it is capable of reaching 380km/h. The aerodynamics fitted in this car are very advanced and produce 456kg of downforce at top speed, because it has been fitted with all type of gadgets, for example a 1.8 meter wide rear spoiler.

Aesthetically it looks like an alien spaceship, with really complicated rims and new headlights and backlights. It has the tradictional elements of Bugatti, like the “C” shape on the side or the “U” shaped radiator.

Finally the interior is designed to prove that this car is built for the driver’s experience, because the driver’s seat is painted with the main colour of this car, while the passenger’s seat is painted with the secondary colour.

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