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Last 15th of November, the students from third and fourth of ESO found a satisfactory surprise when, under the beddings of mystery, they discovered that they were expected to start a newspaper.

It happened in the morning of the already mentioned day, when some pupils were cited to go to the school theatre. There, they found their teachers and a couple of unknown persons, waiting for them. Then, it happened, The news that a journal was about to be launched was told to the students, who received the news with joy and high expectations for the future project.

Under the guidance of two professional journalist, everything started to be set up and, step by step, the organization of the magazine started its development. Photos were taken, roles were distributed and the enthusiasm of the teenagers started to be a part of the atmosphere.

The newspaper contains six sections: School Daily Life, Social Networks, Music Trends, Sports, Memes, Cars, Entertainment and Technology.

Why is this being done?, many readers may ask themselves. The answer to this question starts at Junior Report, a teen’s section from the renowned journal La Vanguardia.

It has chosen a few schools around the Catalonia for create their own gazette. Their aim is to encourage young people to strengthen their critical reading of newspapers and to have the chance to experience, in a closer, proper way how is being part of such organization.

Abat Oliba Loreto is one of the chosen centres. So, that is what is being promotes and initiated with the backup of Junior Report.

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Students presenting themselves

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