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From water to Land

Resultado de imagen de cosmocaixa

We would like to explain you our awesome scientific school trip we did in the week before Christmas. We went to a very known museum: Cosmocaixa.

Our biology teacher arranged a guided visit in which they explained the evolution of life. You will probably asking yourselves, what does this mean? Well we are going to summarize it for you.

First of all, they described what was the first living organism: bacteria. Then our guide showed to us how they developed life in water, because they could not live without. Our next stop was to see some very old fishes and how slowly they started to adapt their system to other life conditions just like the land (developing their limbs and lungs) After this interesting exposition, they let us investigate the rest of the museum.

A funny story is that we all went into a theater where little kids were performing a dance routine with some Christmas songs. We cheered them up. We danced with them. But most importantly, we had a really good time there. Who knew science could be this entertaining.

Alejandra Allende and Blanca Unanue

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